Monday, April 4, 2011

Mommy Makes Game Things Too

Turns out that the kids aren't the only ones that make game-related artifacts. Once I started playing Webkinz again, I realized that my memory was not as good as it used to be, and I often forgot where certain rooms were located. I decided to make a map of the mansion, so that I could quickly jump to the room I needed. The funny thing is that my daughter did this years ago of her own accord, for probably very similar reasons. With mine, I decided to color code the map based on the room's purpose. I thought it was interesting to see how certain rooms clustered together (design? accident? unsure). My daughter looked at the map and said that she could tell this wasn't a real house, because it only has two bathrooms (and in the bath house, there's no toilet). Based on these "needs assessment", I'm toying with creating a few new rooms (mostly bedrooms to keep similar animals together for ease of location, and some theme rooms to house all our loot).

Speaking of loot and sleeping arrangements, a few of the other things I created (and why I didn't do them in a word processing document or spreadsheet, I have no idea - it just felt "right" to pull out the markers and pencils and design near the screen but apart from it) included a list of which pet sleeps in which bedroom, and an inventory of what is in each drawer/storage unit in each of the clothing rooms.

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