Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Dance: The Mommy Exercise Routine & "Boy Songs"

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and my renewed commitment to exercising regularly was well-intentioned for sure. I had used Wii Fit but working on my Masters capping paper torpedoed that and I found it discouraging to restart when none of my efforts ever made the top 10 personal accomplishments list. Then I discovered Just Dance. I love playing it with my daughter and even have short video clips of both kids playing it. I decided that Just Dance would be my new routine. I even put reward stickers in my calendar planner for every day I used it. January was great. Then in February I had to plan for several presentations at the Ontario Library Association Superconference and I became less regular.

On March 21 (the day I'm actually composing this blog post), my son said "Mom, I'm going to make some popcorn so it'll be like a theatre and I can watch you and M do Just Dance. You should do Just Dance." So, my daughter and I got our groove on and danced. I asked my son why he was so interested in having me do Just Dance.

First answer = "because I love you. It's good for you."
Second answer = "I don't knooooooow!"
Third answer = "because I like listening to the songs."

He just wants to watch us. He doesn't want to dance with us, which is mildly surprising because he is without a doubt the best dancer in the family. I say it's only a mild surprise because he may be a good dancer but he hates to lose any competition. I used to teach at a dance studio when I was in high school and university, so I have a bit of an advantage, and I don't try less so that the kids will win. I tried that once or twice and they noticed. My daughter handles it differently (but that is fodder for tomorrow's post). I'm grateful my girl doesn't share her brother's attitude, because I realized I wouldn't do Just Dance without her. It's not as fun doing it by yourself.

As the kids were getting ready for bed that night, I bemoaned the fact that the boy wouldn't dance with us. Then, my son introduced a new rationale for his reluctance: "there's not enough boy songs on there". "Yeah, we need manly songs. Boy songs. Tough guy songs." (He flexed his muscles as he said this.) His dad was there and egged him on.

"Like 'Bad to the Bone' ", his dad exclaimed.

We were playing Just Dance for Kids, which actually has several songs that use an all-boy dance cast. "Oh really? So name some boy songs you think should be there" I retorted. He couldn't come up with any.

His sister started to rag on him: "But you sing and dance to girl songs all the time. You like Lady Gaga. You like Katy Perry. What about that?"

Then he backtracked a bit - "It's not like I said I don't like the songs. But they aren't boy songs."

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