Sunday, April 24, 2011

Plants vs Zombies - Final wave!

Here is another Plants vs Zombies "Super Ultra Man & Silver Moon" commentary video. In the one I tried to upload but couldn't, the kids comment on how their dad selects his plants for battle. It's funny that the kids know a lot about which plants to pick, but they don't want to start their own game to play themselves. That video was over 3 minutes, so it had trouble getting on the blog. This clip, at 2:16, is a shorter one and I believe it deals with the final wave of zombies coming after James. (One of these days, I should upload them to YouTube, but I'm not sure how many people other than the readers of this blog would be interested in hearing them wax poetic about the plants you can choose.) - Edited to note: I used my YouTube account, finally! Let's see if it works!

I've started my own Plants vs Zombies adventure on James' account, but I'll make that the subject of another post.

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