Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Olimar Got to Hocatate - Chapter 3

I realized (too late) that yesterday was the first day I missed making a post since I began this blog. Considering how busy things are at my work and home, I'm impressed with myself that I've posted daily since this blog began. Back to our regularly scheduled writing, but look for reflections on our household's latest obsession with "Plants vs Zombies".

Chapter 3 Radars help a lot!

(Gets yellow Pikmin) It's the whimsical Radar! The whisical radar helps find parts I need press (+) to see the map. I've recover 4/30 ship parts. Just 1 more part! It's the Nova blaster blasts stars to tiny pieces. I've recover 5/30 raised capabilities to a wider area! I found the Extraodinary bolt! The Extraodinary bolt its so Extraodinary. I've recover 6/30 Just 6 more parts will increase my ships capabilties. I'll go to sun set.

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