Saturday, April 23, 2011

Plants vs Zombies - Interview with another fan

Here's my brief interview with another fan of the game in our household.

Mom: What's your favourite plant in the game?

Daughter: That would be a hard one. I'd have to say one of these three: cattail, seashroom or umbrella leaf. They're all very cute plus they are pretty good plants to attack with and defend with.

Mom: Why do you like watching the game?

Daughter: I like watching the game because it's cool and I get to see all the different types of plants and zombies. Plus, it has a lot of action.

Mom: What do you think of dad's playing?

Daughter: I think daddy really plans out his attacks very well. They're very strategic and powerful against the zombies.

Mom: What do you think was the scariest moment in the game?

Daughter: The scariest moment I've seen in the game was when daddy was fighting the final boss because he was really hard to beat and I thought he (daddy) was going to die.

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