Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pikmin Sneak Attack

Today, while working on Prezi on my laptop, my son approached me.

"Mom, how would you feel if you were on a planet?"

"Like, not Earth?"

"Yeah, say you were stuck there. How would you feel?"

"Well, would you be there with me?"


"Would Daddy be there?"


"Would Mary be there?"


"Then I'd be very sad."

"Would it be hard to do things?"

"Yes, I'd be all alone."

"But what if someone was there - like Pikmin? Wouldn't you want their help? So, it's not like slavery at all now, is it?"

At which point, my son walks over to the Pikmin sign-up sheet (which I've shared on this blog) that hangs on our fridge, and he erases the comment I wrote on there about Pikmin slavery. I didn't realize he disliked my opinion so much that he chose to debate me into a corner so that he could justify erasing that remark. This is the same boy that has several Pikmin file games saved, all of which he deliberately does not finish because he gets so sad when Olimar has to leave his Pikmin friends behind.

1 comment:

  1. Your son is made of awesome. What a smart thing to do!

    (I found your blog via your husbands Kickstarter project and whilst chatting to one of the guys setting up the Minecraft server for it. Being a new dad and a gamer the theme of the blog is resonant with some of the ideas I have for bringing my own daughter up)