Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome Back Webkinz

I mentioned in yesterday's post that my favourite game is/was a children's MMO - Webkinz. I had some free time and decided to go take a look at my school Webkinz account, to check and see that all the pets were at maximum health, happiness, and hunger-free status. I ended up playing for at least an hour redesigning rooms, playing games for Kinzcash and tidying up spaces. I enjoyed it so much that I went on the family Webkinz account afterward to see how things were going. It turns out that my daughter is too good of a gardener - our dock was so full of items that when we tried to open it, the computer nearly crashed! We had over 2500 items. I spent several hours selling all the farm fresh fruits and vegetables we had harvested to the Webkinz store.

And I loved it.

I didn't realize how much I missed playing the game and organizing things. I walked through all the themed rooms we had created to store some of our special loot (keeping items in a room means that the items don't clutter up your dock). I admired the "time room" all full of different clocks and timepieces, and the "room of baths" filled with whirlpools and different tubs for soaking. I created some new rooms, like a freezer room to keep all the extra and rare food items we've collected, and a second garage to hold all the amazing vehicles we've purchased. We are richer than rich in Webkinz World - my school account has $3000 while my home account has $125 000 + and it was so much fun to redecorate, sort, send items to friends (including a $1000 coin to my impoverished school account), and play games. I'm not sure why I stopped playing Webkinz. Did I think it was too babyish? Was I embarrassed at the time I spent? Did life just get in the way? I can't remember why but I have a feeling I'll be playing it a bit more regularly.

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