Thursday, March 17, 2011

Secret Agent Penguin

Club Penguin had a version of the FBI, called the E.P.F. (Elite Penguin Force), not to be confused with the P.S.A. (the Penguin Secret Agency). The P.S.A. was one regular members could join by "being a narc" (to quote my husband). The E.P.F. was the super-secret group that you could only get into by having a special DS game. Our girl was part of the P.S.A. and our boy was part of the E.P.F. In an in-game event, Herbert the polar bear blew up the P.S.A. with a popcorn bomb. The P.S.A. did not re-group. Instead, the E.P.F. took the place of the P.S.A. and anyone could join. This picture is artwork celebrating an imagined member of the E.P.F., done by our girl.

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