Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gaming Commentators Make Their Internet Debut!

I hope I know enough about Blogger to make this work!

My kids like to watch gaming videos on YouTube. Often, as someone is playing a particular game, there will be commentary provided. This is such an enjoyable activity at my house that my kids have created fake YouTube commentary personalities for themselves. The boy is Super Ultra Man and the girl is Silver Moon.

The other day, their dad started to play Left For Dead 2 online with some friends. In the past, the kids have watched their father play this game. Before you become appalled and offended, let me explain - I know the material is "not suitable for children", but they watch it with the sound off and with their dad right next to them to answer their questions. They aren't the ones playing the game, but they are participating, in a way.

I asked them if they would like to do a commentary of their dad's game while he played and we could record it using Audacity. They agreed enthusiastically. The unfortunate thing about the taping was that we couldn't capture the usual dialogue that goes on between the kids and their dad. They ask lots of questions and he answers them.

Below is my attempt to upload part 1 of their 4-part commentary. If it works, I'll post the other 3 sections. They also plan on doing ones for their own games, but I'll provide video and audio for that. I couldn't do video for this one because I wanted to respect their privacy (especially in case some zealous person is horrified by the idea that an 11 year old and 8 year old are watching monsters get slaughtered in a game and tries to report me).

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