Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Final Chapter of Left For Dead 2 Kid Commentary

"Super Ultra Man" and "Silver Moon" made 4 consecutive tapings for Left For Dead 2. This is the final installment - I promise!

And just to reassure people ... my children don't watch any rated R movies (and I'd even be hard-pressed to name a PG-13 movie we all watched together as a group of four). We don't use profanity as part of our regular vocabulary. We've had "the talk" several times with both kids - and they alternate between thinking it's icky or funny. We talk about what they see on the screen and any topic is open for discussion. We aren't negligent parents who are unaware of our children's gaming habits and viewing practices. In fact, we find gaming unites us with common interests and fascinating topics of conversation. After all, I learned new definitions for "witches" and "jockeys" thanks to the other members of my household!

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