Thursday, March 3, 2011

Upcoming Art Blitz Explained - Starting with Crown Kirby

I've got pretty creative kids. My daughter loves to draw and write and has done so on almost every and any imaginable topic since she was young. My son has just begun to draw and write for fun at home, mostly based on the games he plays. As you might imagine, we have binders of their "portfolios", and those are the ones saved after some pretty ruthless weeding by me. For the next few posts, you'll see some drawings from the most recent crop - I have not yet even begun to examine their portfolios for material. I'll try to explain what each item is, but I'll be brief.

The picture attached to this post is done by "the boy".
It is a visualization of a new power-up that he imagined for Kirby.
Kirby can get new powers by combining two already-existing powers.
This is what would happen if you combined all the ones that P lists.

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