Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Important Things To Know As a Gaming Parent - by Cracked

Do you remember Cracked Magazine? When I was a kid, it was kind of like Mad Magazine, making fun of any and everything. Now, it's an website with lots of articles and videos. Sometimes there are funny things. Sometimes there are lame things. It all depends.

While doing some pleasure reading on Cracked, I read this article I had read before on The 4 Most Important Things To Know As A Gaming Parent and despite the use of profanity (which you won't find on this blog), it actually makes some interesting and valid points. I think the biggest point was the final point: communicate. Gaming can provide shared experiences and lead-ins to some pretty big conversations (hearing a song on the radio once led us to a huge discussion on a specific aspect of religion; we would have never initiated a conversation with our kids on this topic on our own). The comment section of the article (if you can get passed all the silly and ridiculous ones) is also revealing.

(P.S. If there are any Brock University teacher-candidates reading this blog, then "hi" *waves* and you may also want to check out my professional blog for other non-game stuff.)

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