Monday, March 28, 2011

The newest Pokemon Master!

Pokemon Black and White is still a bit hit in our house and regularly played. My son had a small set-back recently, because he put his DS right in a big puddle of water on the table and left it there, and the water soaked into the machine. We parents were alarmed at the potential damage, and disappointed with his carelessness. Thankfully, my husband consulted with another parent and we took out the cartridges and let it dry out naturally for a few days. He was unable to play it during that time but it seemed to do the trick - the grey shadows on the lower screen seemed to have disappeared entirely and it appears that it survived the abuse. My girl and boy identify strongly with the Pokemon characters they've created to play the game, and this is an illustration of the one my daughter plays, along with some of her favourite Pokemon in her collection.

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