Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Watchers

Last fall, my kids were involved in an amazing project linked to the EDGE Lab at Ryerson University to help create a video game. The result was a hybrid board game / iPad game called The Watchers . The neat thing about this project was that the children involved were inspired to create media related to their characters and the game during and after the project. I searched but I can't find the video that my girl's friend made highlighting all the characters they made. Naturally, my kids were inspired too, so here are three drawings they created based on The Watchers.

Watchers - Union City
The Watchers is set in a place called Union City, so this is the girl's stylized city map.

Watchers Promotional Poster
It wasn't just the girl that got involved - the boy made a poster. The words, in case you have trouble reading them, say "when evil and chaos trikes, it's time with all the gear they need there [sic] called The Watchers Come."

Watchers Character Profiles
Can you tell that the characters are really important to the kids? Each participant created a unique person or creature to do things in the world. I heard through the grapevine that my son wasn't always the most cooperative member of the group (sorry Kate, Jamie, and everyone else!) but somehow they helped him come up with a character concept that he was pretty proud to be associated with.

Now that we own an iPad, we'll be able to play the game ourselves. It'll be interesting to play it with two individuals that helped create it! I'll let you know the results after we play.

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