Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review of Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS

Today, my son received an early birthday present: Super Mario Brothers 2 for his Nintendo 3DS. I asked if he could dictate a short review for this blog. Since I'm the one doing the typing, he agreed. Here is his opinion.

This is an anniversary of Mario and it's all about Mario collecting golden coins. There's a new way of collecting coins in this game. There's way more ways to collect coins in this. Play Coin Rush and share your records with friends on wireless. Also, get the new Golden Mario flower by collecting the golden flower. Play with a friend on co-op play - you can be Mario or Luigi. Reminder, to let you know, if Luigi gets a gold flower, he will become silver, since Mario is already gold.

The thing about this game that I like is that it introduces a new power. Tenuki Mario returns and he can fly if he runs very fast. What I dislike about the game is that sometimes there are too much enemies. There's a lot of worlds which makes the game tough, plus some secret worlds. It is probably based on Super Mario Brothers for DS.  

Don't forget Mario's trustworthy power-ups that will help him on his adventure. There's teh good old mushroom that makes him big and lets him stay alive longer. Then we all know the fire flower, which allows Mario to shoot fireballs by pressing a Y. There's the mini-mushroom, which turns Mario tiny. It allows him to make big jumps but one hit, and you're a goner. Then there's the mega-mushroom which turns Mario big and can destroy almost anything in sight.  There's also the golden flower that allows Mario to turn almost anything into coins. Then there's the invincible leaf. What this does is transform Mario into the same Raccoon Mario but he's invincible and he can fly and run real fast.

Dad told me if you get 1 000 000 coins, you get a golden screen and Mario is on it, like a golden Mario statue. I think it's worth it because it shows you really love gold and what you do with the gold - it shows like you care. 

There's also new enemies to overcome - big Boos, dead piranha plants, dried Goombas and more to come. Right now I am on World 5 Level 3. 

Me myself, I've heard people were hoping that the million coin mark would bring something that would encourage you to play the game more, like a new character, rather than a title screen. I could take a socialist slant and ask why Mario needs all these coins, when he's already one of the richest video game characters around, but that's not the point, is it. 

Paper Mario Helpers - drawn as if they were humans

Paper Mario Partners - original form by MM

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