Monday, August 27, 2012

Minecraft Music and A Creeper Like You

I am happy to report that my boy is not a sociopath.
I've known this for a while, but this was proven quite poignantly after we received this video recommendation from Technascribe, one of the players on our Minecraft server. She highly recommended it, so we watched it. I've embedded it below.

My son watched this and then wept as if his heart would break.My poor empathetic boy! We had to spend a good long time comforting him and reassuring him that the creeper had other creatures to hang around with so he wasn't that lonely.

Since then, my kids have discovered the wonders of Minecraft songs. Here are some of their favourites.

P says he likes it because he likes the original song and knows the tune.
M agrees.

M says she's annoyed by this one but P listens to it so she sometimes hears it. P says he loves it because it's funny and it repeats over and over again so you can learn the lyrics quickly.

When I put this on the blog, both kids began to sing and dance.

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  1. I forgot to include "Screw The Nether" which is "Moves Like Jagger"