Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fan Expo Canada - A Gaming Celebration

My kids and I went to Fan Expo Canada yesterday. We love it. One of our favourite aspects (other than the cool things you can buy, which is my son's #1 priority) is the amazing cosplayers. If you've read this blog before, you know that I made my Minecraft Creeper costume myself (except for the head, which disqualified me from competing in the Masquerade). People not only knew who I was, they complimented me on my costume and asked to take photos. I saw plenty of people, of varying ages, walking around with Steve heads and pixelated pick axes and swords. It was fun because we shared the same enjoyment of the same game. We saw the big booths (like Ubisoft showcasing Just Dance 4 with volunteers busting moves for the crowds). but we equally enjoyed the individuals taking the popular gaming products and putting their own spin on them. Anyone who can create a  Ku-Bone Pokemon like this one has untapped talents.


(My son adores his Minecraft Slime plushie and we collected the seller's business card so we might order more in the future.)

This applies to comics, manga, sci-fi, and fantasy too. My girl went as Sailor Saturn and posed with a Sailor Moon cosplayer for a photo.

I love this kind of thing, even though my husband bemoans hipsters and Bromies. We don't get to indulge in this kind of thing often - other than Fan Expo, the only time I'd get to wear my creeper costume would be Halloween - and even though it can be costly to attend (thank you Hasbro for sharing the "kids get in free" coupon!), I'm glad I have an outlet for my game-y interests and exhibitionist tendencies.

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