Monday, August 13, 2012

Making the Pikmin Movie - the odyssey continues

It's been weeks since I first posted the clay models of the Pikmin video game characters that my kids and I worked on with the intent of creating a Pikmin movie. We are still at it and our goal is to try and film the darn thing before school starts. That leaves us three weeks.

We were stuck on how to get Olimar's helmet just right and we finally solved it.

Captain Olimar in clay form!
The solution was found at Bulk Barn - a tiny glass candy jar. My girl worked pretty hard on the challenge of getting Olimar's head to fit into the jar and still retain the features of Olimar.

My son preferred to take a more administrative role, as in "Mom, you make X. Mary, you make Y. I'm going to play video games." However, with encouragement (i.e. "I'm not doing this unless you are around."), he stayed involved.

Here's our Bulborb
I hope that we'll be able to finish this video and post it here. My son has grandiose plans of a 15 minute epic tale but my daughter (who has done stop motion claymation before in her gifted class) is trying to lend an air of realism to the plans. Keep your fingers crossed.

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