Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last Night On Earth Heroes & Tetris Obsession

Thank you search option in Blogger! (I narrowly averted another duplicate photo post.)

As I flipped through the oodles of illustrations I've scanned to select one to post today, I found this drawing. I didn't think my daughter enjoyed Last Night On Earth so much that she'd draw them - in manga form. Shows what I know about what she likes!

And in another example of me misreading my family's gaming preferences, I bought Tetris (R) for the iPad because I liked it. While I was in labour with my first child, playing Tetris on a Nintendo Game Boy helped me get through some of the pain. (Some, not all - I am still grateful to the anesthesiologist for the part he played in my child's birth.) I didn't realize that my husband is an uber-Tetris player. I was proud of my 2000+ points until he beat it by double. Now? His high score is over 80 000 points. Good thing I wasn't in competition with him, or I'd never have a chance. At it is, there's a new person interested in using the iPad now. Oh what monster have I created!

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