Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cory Doctorow plays D&D with his toddler

Cory Doctorow just tweeted via Boing Boing a link to this article he wrote that was printed in Gygax Magazine about playing Dungeons and Dragons with his 4-year-old. Check out the link. This resonates with me because my son (who just played his first official D&D campaign a few weeks ago) first became interested because of the dice, the miniatures, and the little sets. I took a picture of the dungeon he made and wrote about it on this blog. Modifying and adapting the rules and ideas are part of the play experience. I'm glad his daughter seemed to enjoy their joint game. I hope to hear more about parents and children playing together - especially since my colleagues and I just went to the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario conference in Niagara Falls yesterday to promote the Minecraft "Professional Play" server. Fingers crossed!

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