Monday, October 14, 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Family Blogging Lesson #1: If the kids are not themselves regular bloggers, don't just leave it up to them to write the posts!

Having learned this lesson the hard way (since the last blog post was in July 2013), I've decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns and interview the kids about their latest forays and newest game acquisitions. Today's topic: Animal Crossing - New Leaf, by the Boy.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf starts off on a train. This cat person named Rover will talk to you during your ride. Then, eventually, when you get to the town you were supposed to go to, these anthropomorphic animals greet you and think that you are the mayor. Now, you must work as the mayor. Basically, this is a never-ending game. There is no final boss, there is no giant thing you have to do. This is a do-whatever-you-want game. You can decorate your house, decorate your character, have friends come over to your village, buy things, sell things, reforge things ... this game is very fun, especially when you don't have a lot of things to do and you can only buy one game. 

I bought this game because it's never-ending, I could do whatever I want, and also it's multi-player, which is one of my favorite types of games. 

I usually find myself catching bugs, fishing, or selling. I wander around. Sometimes I encounter fish shadows, so I pull out my fishing rods to try to catch the fish. I just started this game a couple of days ago so I do not have a lot of inhabitants in my village but I do have a favorite inhabitant. His name is Static. He is a purple squirrel, has a lightening bolt on his head, and sometimes calls me Bro. I really like him because I like squirrels, I like the colour purple and I think lightening is cool.

If I could make this better, there is a blue alpaca and his name is Cyrus. He always sleeps until a certain thing happens, which is one of the following: 
  • 50 pieces of furniture
  • 10 inhabitants live in your village
  • 100,000 bells
It would be really nice if you could use him from the beginning and not have a certain event pop up to awaken him. Right now, I am trying to get Cyrus to wake up and it's giving me a hard time. If anyone has an easy way of waking him up, please tell me - it would really help me. 

If you like one of the following things:  building your own village, wanting to give controls, and building houses, - then this game would be perfect for you. 

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