Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Terraria and entering Hard Mode

My family has recently become re-interested in playing Terraria because of the updates. On Monday, October 7, 2013, the team of Bridget, Mr. Bunny, and Jhaerith defeated the Wall of Flesh to enter the Hard Mode version of the game. Here's the Girl to recount their adventure and epic battle.

The Wall of Flesh was a boss that took a lot of preparation. Mr. Bunny and Jhaerith fought it twice before, without me, and both times they lost.
But that was because, even though they had the best armor (Mr. Bunny had Meteorite and Jhaerith had molten, respectively the second and first best armor in Easy Mode.) and weapons, the battlefield was not to their advantage.
To spawn the Wall of Flesh, you have to drop a Guide Voodoo Doll into the lava in Hell. Hell isn't a very nice area, as it's name would suggest. There's a lot of lava on the ground and not many blocks to stand on stay away from said lava. There are only a few small platforms, scattered around, that you can stand on. But even if you did manage not to get burned to a crisp, there are still demons to avoid. They shoot magic at you, which does a lot of damage.
Most videos on Youtube suggest that you build a long road that goes through most of Hell and helps you to avoid the lava. 
So, the three of us went into the Underworld to build this road. We used a number of materials, such as dirt, ash, stone and other things. It took a while, and we died several times, but finally, we completely our pathway.
But before Jhaerith spawned the monster, I accidentally teleported myself back to my house. Then I had to go all the way back to Hell, much to my dismay. And then, once I got there, Dad had some difficulty get the doll to fall in the lava. 
Finally, the monster made its appearance. The Wall of Flesh has a simple attack pattern: it flies towards us, while trying to bite us with it's many mouths. To counter this, we have to run backwards while shooting at it. I used my Aqua Scepter, Mr. Bunny used the Space Gun and Jhaerith used his Fiery Great Sword. Eventually, it was whittled down to half health, when it began shooting its little mouths at us. But we were able to fend them off, to hit the beast where it hurt and kill it.
We did surprisingly well, after all our various errors early on. Still, this was a good surprise for us, as Peter got a Pwnhammer (a very cool hammer) out of it, as well as a Ranger Emblem (a thing that increases your ranged attack strength) for me.
Now we had officially entered Hard Mode. Hard Mode is very cool. It adds a lot more challenging features into the game, like new enemies and new bosses. 
It also expands the Corruption (an area where everything is very dark and especially evil) and adds its counterpart, the Hallowed (an area full of rainbows and flowers and magical things). 
You can also get new ores to craft armor and weapons out of.
With this, as well as the new patch to the game (which introduced new non player characters and lots of cool stuff), we're not so tough anymore. There's a whole world out there to explore and I can't wait to continue our Terraria adventures!

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