Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Minecraft Story in Still Shots

Lots of other games, such as Terraria and Cube World, are competing for my kids' attention, but we still occasionally go back to play Minecraft. While my son and I were playing on the server, another young player joined us. We were working in the zoo, making it more humane for the creatures that live there by improving the environment, when we, almost by accident, co-created a little story. Here it is, in pictures.

We slowly approach the creeper cave, which appears to be inhabited.

On closer inspection, the cage is ... empty?

Something is wrong - really wrong! The creeper is back and ...

The creeper is out of his cage!!
The creeper is coming to get YOU!
The creeper turns the hapless observer into a skeleton!
I can't upload any more photos, so part two of the saga will continue - next time!

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