Sunday, November 17, 2013

Terraria Updated News

(Today's post was created by the boy and typed by the mom.)

Terraria released a new update containing tons of stuff - a new biome that is the crimson, a couple of new bosses, new weapons, and a special Halloween event update as well. 

The event is already over but you can trick your Steam account to think it's still October. That way, you can still have Halloween, even when it's May. It had lots of spooktastic items, such as the pet cursed sapling, a jack-o-lantern pet, and a whole bunch of spooky guns, like the jack-o-lantern launcher. I like to call it "the jack-o-launcher". (You get it, don't you? It sounds like jack-o-lantern and it shoots jack-o-lanterns. You gotta get it.)

Here are some of the new bosses. 
Planterra = a giant plant from below the jungle. Beating hard mode boss will cause little tiny plants to spawn in the jungle. If you happen to come across one, if you break it, he'll come to get you. He is very powerful so be prepared.
Queen Bee = inside the underground jungle, you'll find a new world - bee hives, filled with honey. If you look around carefully, you will find a cocoon with a baby bee inside. Simply use any type of weapon and kill it. She'll get angry at you and charge into battle. 
The Golem = when you've defeated Planterra, he will drop a temple key. Simply use it to open the entrance. You'll find lizards, flying snakes, traps, and goodies. To spawn the Golem, you must have a lizard power cell, which can either be a 1% drop from lizards, or can be found in chests inside the temple. Simply right click the machinery with a floating light above its head. Right click it with the lizard power cell and it will be awoken.
Mourningwood = a boss in the Pumpkin Moon event in Halloween. He will shoot flaming wood at you. He's also, to describe him, a big, black, tree. He's also quite smart. He will eventually kill you at least once, but if you have the right gear and weapons, you are in luck of killing him. He drops a lot of cool items - the cursed sapling I was talking about earlier, a spooky twig combined with 20 souls of flight, which are dropped by the Wyvern, you will get spooky wings, the best wings so far in the game. 
PumpKing = another joke on this name, sounds like pumpkin and he's also a king. It's too obvious, actually. He is somewhat like Skeletron. Shoot his head to actually bring him down. Don't bother with his hands. They're invincible. He drops pretty much every single good item in the event, such as the candy corn rifle, the pumpkin pet I was talking about earlier, the jack-o-lantern launcher, the horseman's blade, and other cool things. I recommend doing the Pumpkin Moon event, especially if you like being scary.  

There are also new NPCs - the party girl, (my favourite). She's not really used for anything but she's especially good for celebrations. The painter is a new NPC. You can paint things by getting tools from him. He will also at certain times draw paintings for you that you can buy and hang on walls. The pirate is a new NPC. After defeating a pirate invasion, he will come to your house eventually. He will sell cannonballs, cannons, and if the party girl is around when he is around, he will sell the bunny cannon. More powerful than a normal cannon, the bunny cannon shoots explosive bunnies that sit on the ground for a couple of seconds before blowing up. If they hit an enemy during flight, they will explode immediately. This is especially useful for goblin army and the pirate invasion, because they will eventually strike back again. To get the pirate invasion, you will need to find a treasure map, dropped by enemies in the ocean and then use it to spawn the pirate invasion. A new NPC is the cyborg. He is collected after beating Planterra. He sells stuff related to technology, such as ammunition for grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and his suit. Another NPC is the truffle. To get him, you need a room made out of mushrooms. You'll need mushroom doors, chair, and table. He also sells the mysterious mushroom. Buy it from him and use it to spawn the baby truffle. The witch doctor is a new NPC from defeating Queen Bee. She sells weird things. I don't have her in our world so I don't know what she really sells, making it kind of hard to explain her. The steam punker is a NPC that is related to mechanics and cleansing the world. Once you enter hard mode, the crimson, or the corruption, it will start to grow on the normal world. You'll need to stop it by using holy water to spread hallowed. The corruption cannot corrupt the hallowed,neither can the crimson. Like the corruption, the hallowed will spread on the normal biome. Using the clentamatior, with solution which can be bought from the steam punker, you can use the clentamatior and spray it onto any biome and it will turned hallowed if it is blue solution you are using. Green solution makes it normal. Purple solution makes it corrupted. Red solution makes it the crimson. Those are all the new NPCs, bosses, and new stuff that I think you might like. Thank you for reading this. I hope you found it useful. There will be more description later. 

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