Monday, December 16, 2013

Clumsy Ninja

(The boy has ditched his secretary - the next few blog posts are composed and written by him exclusively.)

                Today I’ll be talking to you about a new game called Clumsy Ninja

So you’re going to a temple to train a new ninja there’s a problem though he’s quite clumsy as the title says so your going have to train him as much and long as you want  as a way of getting xp faster you’ll have to do quests you will gain money use money and do very different things. Heck even throwing him around and tickling him will give you xp and one of my favorite things in this game is the potions as you go on the ninja will ask you to do things too every so often he’ll ask you to buy some potions here are all of them: Tornado, Dizzy, Freeze, Rage, Jelly, And finally Anti-Gravity each with their own special properties I only unlocked three of them but I’ll tell you the effects of them the Tornado makes your go spinning wildly!, The Dizzy potion makes the ninja have silly eyes and getting up for him won’t be very easy, and the Freeze potion whatever pose he is in he stays like that for about 30 seconds or so. I really don’t know for myself but you’ll unlock eventually a chicken who lays eggs for you and you get fifty coins for each egg also another currency besides coins is Gems which can repair items instantly get certain special items and gives you more balloons, potions or boxes/barrels it is fun when you like games that let you interact with the area around you and you will also unlock different places also this ninja had a sister named Kira he wants to save her from being kidnapped. This is an app for IPad I know for sure and maybe iPod I don’t know I got it last Friday so I don’t know a lot about it but also make sure to get the Ice rink because You could open presents and build snowmen I would not be surprised if the presents could have gems or coins in them so make sure you get it it’s really fun and It’s free so you can download it.

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