Friday, December 20, 2013

Angry Birds Go!

This post was originally written by "the boy" on December 12, 2013. All writing and editing credits go to him. 

Today I’ll be talking about an update to the original angry birds

So the pigs are at it again, and they stole the eggs again but this is a science one so they have new things like bomb birds shocking new power, yeah as from what I said it makes it kind of obvious he drank all the purple enzyme as I will call it and a broken wire makes get a new power which is the shockwave!                         So now he will create a new small circle of electricity and pushing things, and electrocuting pigs there are also three other potions the orange one is like orange bird if it splashes on a pig it will blow up in air and kill itself in the process, the blue potion makes the pigs become three smaller separate parts if multiple potions are poured on a pig it’ll create that many pigs example: three potions make nine tinier pigs and finally the pink potion turns pigs into bubbles lifting things up in the pig and then popping and dropping the structures. This is one of my favorite chapters because I thought about a science one including potions turning the birds different colors and maybe it will get a new power, this is also similar to red’s mighty feathers where red bird gains a new power so maybe yellow bird’ orange bird’ and other birds might get a power-up as well? We cannot predict the future sometimes I wish I could I really do, also does anyone remember the king pig toy where he does a random thing to your game? Well soon enough I will see the shock wave piggy so yeah tomorrow I will make a post about angry birds go! So stay tuned next time, and I will make it as best as I can because I do not have the app so it’s going to be a lot harder than you think, sometimes it looks like you did not press space because it’s such a small space, So I hoped you enjoyed this post about angry birds update stay tuned for my next one coming next day and it is also fourteen days until Christmas can’t you guys wait? It’s hard not getting excited so have a good day and a happy early Christmas yeah I know its fourteen days till Christmas this is all in total 399 words! 

The boy's Angry Birds clay art.

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