Thursday, January 2, 2014


This post was written by the boy December 16, 2013. His mother appreciates the use of punctuation so she did some minor editing January 2, 2014. 

I hoped you guys made your guess, because the topic is Shantae

While Nintendo has made the 3DS and part of it is the Shop, on it Shantae  started her beginning around 1999 where a company known as Way Forward created this purple haired genie. Yeah it gets way better. Her first game was on the Game Boy Color; she is the half-genie protector of Sequin Land. She hasn’t made many appearances in most popular games. Apparently they're coming out with 2 new games - Shantae: The Pirates Curse and Shantae Half Genie Half Hero - but Way Forward  takes a long time for their games, especially with The Half Genie Half Hero Kickstarter. It's too bad it is already over. Look up her name in the 3DS shop and you’ll find Shantae: Risky’s Revenge - yes indeed my first Way Forward game. 

Right now I’m wearing a mood ring and it’s purple which means love. Okay you may figure out by now that I have a crush on a video game character. Do you want to know why? Because she does belly-dancing ... yeah my favorite and since she is half genie she turns into animals when she finishes dancing.

The next topic is going to be the Christmas update for Terraria especially since Christmas is coming so you know give Shantae a chance - you may want the first one too. Believe me, it is really fun so enjoy the Purple Haired, Belly dancing, Half-Genie herself, Shantae!  

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