Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas in Terraria

Today's post is a combination of two journal entries the boy has written. The first was created December 17, 2013. Mother, the Punctuation Police, has done some touching up on both sections. 

Christmas is coming and so is the new update for Terraria.

So since Christmas is coming, the creators are doing a huge update to the game after the Christmas update. There are reindeers, elves, and the newest boss - The Santank, yes, a tank that looks like Santa. I wouldn’t be surprised for Christmas weapons maybe like, A Candy Cane Rifle because when they're held by their bend they look like a gun right? But unfortunately we didn’t get any Halloween weapons which I am sad about L I mean unless you give me one J but you need the password - I can give it to you in a bonus post, but presents drop from enemies similar to the goodie bags from Halloween, you either get green and red candy cane blocks or the rare snow globe to summon the frost legion which is a snowman goblin army. After you beat them, an empty room lets you have Santa! It may change due to the update, but yeah, I don’t really use guns in Terraria but I’d love to use the candy corn rifle J because I love candy. Can’t wait! Here's a bit about the other update ... you can visit the moon and fight the lunar boss which drops the S. D. M. G. which is called the Space Dolphin Machine Gun. It's based of Edge of Space; in fact it says “It came from the edge of space” I knew this update, the Christmas one, thanks to the Youtuber  Yrimir  so the next post will be more about the other new update J So enjoy the couple last days till Christmas.

This update was composed January 6, 2014

Unfortunately we have no big info on the new update for Terraria, which is making it hard but… I can talk to you about the new items in the Christmas update just to let you know I’m going to catalyze (catalogue?) the new stuff.

Weapons: Christmas tree sword, Razorpine, Chain gun, Frost staff, and many more - those are the ones I could get atop my head as I write this message... anyway moving to the next section.

Things collected from presents: Candy cane blocks red and green, Suger cookies, (Yes they spell sugar suger) Christmas pudding, Gingerbread men, Pine tree blocks, the Snow globe, Star anise’s, (Which are similar to the rotten eggs) Candy Cane sword, Candy Cane Pickaxe, And finally… Darn it I forgot what I was going to type... oh wait now I remember! The dog whistle summons the pet dog! And the Fruit cake chakram!

Costumes: Mrs. Claus outfit, Santa outfit, Christmas tree outfit, Parka (Reference to South Park Kenny), Snow hat (Nat’s hat from South Park), and I believe that’s it!

Pets: Baby Grinch, Dog, Elf, and I believe once again that’s it.

Now the way to get certain things is to summon the frost moon (Similar to the pumpkin moon) - you’ll have to defeat the 3 bosses in it Everscream, Santa, NK 1, and the Frost Queen. If you want presents, kill enemies to get them! (Similar once again to the goodie bags from Halloween time)
Finally Happy New Year - it’s kind of late but I wanted to say that for all you readers I hope you enjoyed this article of the Christmas update for Terraria also real quick use the naughty present to summon the frost moon have a wonderful day/evening read my other articles too! J J See you all later! J

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