Monday, November 19, 2012

Inspired by Dungeon!

My son gets inspired to do some neat things. In his class, there is an underground economic system - a series of "stores"where the children buy and sell products with fake paper money. The items for sale are usually drawings of video game characters. He had a large order that he needed to fill this weekend in time for Monday's promised delivery date. He worked a lot harder on those items than he does with his regular homework, that's for sure!

This past weekend, he decided to create a 3D dungeon after the family played Dungeon! together. I'm sure my husband will share more photos and details on his blog, but I thought a solo aerial shot would suffice. Our boy loves "companions" so in the middle room, those are companions you can obtain, not enemies to fight. He has a special affinity for gelatinous cubes. Dungeon! gave him the idea of making statistics in advance for the monsters; in the past, he'd make up whatever dice roll he wanted for a success or failure (which was slightly irritating, especially since his goal was to have Dad win and Mom lose - as the DM, theses random rules made this goal easy for him to pursue). This was a rather large and elaborate set-up, placed in the middle of our living room, so after a day, we had to disassemble it. At least we have the photos.

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