Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dungeon! The Board Game Not The Magazine

Today we decided to play a board game that we hoped the whole family might be interested in doing. Hubby picked Dungeon! - the old board game (from 1981) that mimics some portions of the RPG that started it all, Dungeons & Dragons. Our son watched us play the first game and then agreed to play in the second game.

Here's a 1st-level monster we faced in the game.
My husband talked about how he made his own versions of these cards when he grew tired of the ones in the actual game. (The numbers are the amount you must roll to defeat the creature, depending on the class you chose to play at the beginning of the game.)

Our four characters about to start game #2.
These miniatures didn't come with the game - the player representatives were just little pawns with no human characteristics. We pulled out hubby's miniatures to use things that looked more like our characters. In game #1, we had two heroes and one elf. In game #2, we had two heroes, a superhero, and a wizard.

From game #1, hubby & daughter's game pieces explore nearby.
Hubby won both games, although he says that the second win was a fluke, because his treasure for defeating one of the 3rd level monsters was the most valuable treasure in that level (a rock worth 6 000 gold - and you need 10 000 gold and a safe return to home base to win).

One of the final shots before the game's end
It was a simple game to learn to play - much simpler for me than actual D&D - because you moved up to 5 spaces, fought a monster in a room and received treasure if you were successful and rolled for a penalty if you failed. I like how we altered some of the game play (using minis) and how my husband altered game play in the past (by making his own monsters).

We had a lot of fun with this game and hopefully we'll play again.

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