Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dead Space and the "Jumpy Factor"

I like to talk with my family members about the games they play, even if I myself am not a big fan. For instance, I am a big chicken, so I would never watch a horror film, even though the plot (as described by my husband) sounds intriguing. Recently, my husband picked up Dead Space and Dead Space 2 for him to play. These games came out a few years ago but hubby is happy to be getting them now because 1) they are cheaper than when they were initially released, and 2) his computer can handle the sound and graphics - in the past, he'd have to upgrade his computer so that playing WoW was enjoyable instead of frustrating because of the visual limitations. James was telling me about an aspect of the game he appreciates while playing - the "booga" factor.

Dead Space is a FPS with zombies - nothing revolutionary or new - but he says that he likes the mood that the game sets. He describes how, upon entering a room, sometimes he'll see something out of the corner of his eye scurry out of sight. This ramps up his anticipation and gets his nerves tingling. Sometimes it will lead to nothing - he won't get attacked in this room - but it puts him on edge. Then there are other times where he'll enter a room and he'll be attacked unexpectedly. This mix of the unknown with little visual and audio "hints" makes for a suspenseful game. I can attest to his testimony; my computer station is right next to his and there have been times that he's yelped and jumped out of his seat in surprise at some of the game events. (Is it a little ironic that at church this week, the gospel was about "being alert and prepared"?)

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