Thursday, November 22, 2012

Adjective for the Walking Dead?

What adjectives come to mind when you think about "The Walking Dead"? My husband enjoys the TV show and played the video game of the same name. Recently, the fifth and final "episode" of the game came out and hubby played it through to the end. When he was finished, I could see that he was emotionally affected by the experience. I believe the word he said was that it was "touching". I never would have guessed that he'd describe it that way. He didn't cry but he confessed to tearing up a bit at the end.

Hubby talked to his good friend about the game. His friend had earlier complained that the choices you make in the game don't really matter, because if a character is slated for death, there's really nothing you can do about it. My husband said he didn't mind, because the game never claimed that your decisions would alter the outcomes of the game - just the tone. In any media form about zombies, there's bound to be a lot of deaths. That's part of the zombie "thing". My husband is very good at analyzing the aesthetics of certain media, and he says that it's not about the zombies, but about how the people facing the zombies act, when faced with dire circumstances and a frayed society, that is the most fascinating. Do you fall into anarchy, or continue to live by the old standards set when society was whole? When is it okay to kill, when natural deaths equal more zombie additions?

All this zombie talk has made me interested in pushing my personal boundaries and possibly playing Zombie U if/when we get the Wii U. As I type this, hubby is playing Dead Space 2. (He bought the X-box controller for his PC so he could play without the glitches that occur while using the PC keyboard.)

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