Monday, August 1, 2011

Mini Clip Games - Dale and Peackot

Welcome to our guest blogger, my son. He will tell you all about this new game. I was the secretary.

This game is about a farmer named Dale trying to get his chickens back from the coyote. Along with his parnter, Peackot, he was special to Dale. The coyotes dropped a magical feather that allowed Dale to control Peackot with his own hands so he used the power during this adventure to get back his chickens. They can get upgrades during the game. Peackot can get a helmet, and chest armor. Dale can get a different gun. Sometimes in chess, you can get extra bullets to shoot more than once. You go through worlds and fight bosses along the way and try to save your chickens from the mighty Bobo. That's it for now.

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