Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fan Expo Experience

My children and I attended Fan Expo 2011 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This was my son's first time going and my daughter's third. This convention is geared towards many fan bases - sci-fi, horror, comics, gaming, and anime. We had a great time. My son's main reason for going was to buy a Kirby hat and he was successful. We saw a sneak preview of Just Dance 3 (good songs, looks like fun) and inquired about old, rare games at the various vendors. My daughter went for two days and on the second day we spent some time in one of the gaming rooms playing a new card game called "Let Me Have The Brain". That was enjoyable. What was most impressive were the costumes that people wore to the convention. My daughter and I dressed up on the second day as Frankie Stein from the web TV show Monster High and her mother, the bride of Frankenstein. My son was a bit shy to ask to pose with people for photos but after seeing R2-D2, he became less bashful. Both of my kids were thrilled to see this person on the left - the sunflower from the Plants vs Zombies video game. In the Masquerade competition, there were many tributes to various games like Mass Effect, Left for Dead, Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon. My girl recognized most of them and the creations were well-crafted. People really admired and appreciated the time it took for people to create these costumes.

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