Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"He's better at it than I am"

I confess - I listen in on my family's conversations sometimes. It teaches me a lot.

My husband was talking with his friend on the phone. Both of them play Terraria; in fact, it was this friend that introduced my family to the game. My husband was marveling at the skills of our son in Terraria.

"He's such a methodical digger. He really takes his time."

"You should see - he builds platforms in his shafts. They're great."

My husband was very proud of his son's accomplishments in the game. Our boy watches a lot of Terraria videos on YouTube and observed his father playing for a long time before he began to play on his own. I worried that he wouldn't get to explore it, since he "learned about it" so much beforehand. Mothers have silly worries sometimes.

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