Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Tell them about Terraria"

My son has enjoyed watching his father play Terraria and even searched for (and watched) videos about Terraria on his own. My husband has the game loaded on his computer and players are allowed to create multiple characters, so my husband had our boy create a character of his own to play. There seem to be three world sizes you can choose from, so he selected the smallest for our boy, so he wouldn't get too frustrated as he wandered around trying to find things. Since he received his character, our son has gone nuts exploring, building, and amassing items. He asked me to take a picture of the house he built for himself in Terraria and post it on this blog. Here it is.
When I asked him if there was anything he wanted the blog readers to know, this is what he reported:
I have shadow scale helmet, shadow scale chest plate, and I have iron pants because I don't have any shadow scale pants. 
He has discovered how to enter his father's Terraria house and he helped himself to several of the items. He didn't leave his dad empty-handed and left other items as "payment". On my husband's house sign, his son wrote "[the name of my son's character] was here". He has survived blood moons when the cute bunnies he loves becomes corrupt bunnies and tried to kill him. He only had to kill one corrupt bunny, although he regretted his actions. He has a nurse living with him (and we joke about him being too young to be living with a woman, to which he replies, "yeah, well Dad is living with a nurse AND a dryad!"). He loves this game.

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