Thursday, July 21, 2011

United in Terraria

Right now, as I type, my daughter is reading the discussion forums on Monster High and the boys in the family are huddled around Terraria. Terraria is a new game that my husband acquired at the prompting of a friend of his. The game company that makes it had a sale and he got it for a low price. I've heard him compare it to Minecraft, though he's never played that game before.

My husband has not found Terraria to be easy. He's shouted at the computer a couple of times and he phoned his friend to ask for advice and assistance. My son has enjoyed watching his dad tackle this new game, new game exploration being a favourite past-time for the youngest member of the family. He did not like how bunnies got hurt by slime and monsters, so it seems like he's doing something about it.

First step: watch his dad play and give him tips from the safety of his seat. I just heard him caution him about some red eyes he saw on screen. "Want to try and get more water?"He also cheers his dad on - "Good job Dad. You stabbed the green slime right in his heart".

Second step: take control of the plot and action by drawing / writing a Terraria-based comic. Naturally, I'll post a scan of it if/when he finishes it.

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