Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paper Mario - The "newest" craze

It's summer vacation and my son likes having "new" video games to obsess over and work on. After doing some research via YouTube and the Wii Channel, the boy purchased Paper Mario, a game that came out in 2001, a year before he was born. Despite being a decade old, Paper Mario still has great game play value. I interviewed him for today's blog entry about his Paper Mario playing experience.

Mom: Thank you for joining me today and consenting to this interview. Tell me why you like Paper Mario.

Son: Well, because I've seen it on YouTube and it looks like a good game. I've been playing it for eight hours and 23 minutes so far. I'm on Chapter 3.

Mom: How is the game similar to other Mario games? How is it different?

Son: Well, mostly it's kind of like Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story because you can use two turns in special attacks. How they are similar? Mario is alone with his members, such as Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Pakarry, and Bow, aka Lady Booheleena.

Mom: Who is your favourite helper?

Son: I'm gonna say Boohelina. Besides, she laughs so funny. Also, I like Boos. I think they're cute and I think she's the only girl Boo in the game.

Mom: Who is the hardest boss you've faced so far?

Son: So far, Junior Koopa. He keeps coming. When I looked on YouTube, he comes five times!

Mom: Tell me about Toad Town.

Son: When you go to this one place, a toad will appear and tell you about a place in Toad Town called Little Oinks. You can make little creatures that look like pigs. But when the 11th one pops up, the first one runs away and leaves an item. Mysterious, huh?

Mom: What was the hardest item to get? How did you get it?

Son: It was the Boo Portrait. This one Boo was in a frame. He needed a Boo Portrait back. Later on, you find a few Boos. They have some sort of boots with them. You have to play a little game to tell which one has the boots. And now, you can ground pound, so you can break wooden objects that are above you; well, technically, the ones you are on.

Mom: What is the hardest part of the game besides boss battles?

Son: It was hard getting to Booheleena's mansion because it was a big maze that you have to go through. Boos were sending you a letter, 'cause Booheleena wanted you to come.

Mom: I saw you pull the chandelier to get to a secret door. How did you know how to do that?

Son: Easy. I needed to go onto an orange couch, which was like a ghost couch, then the ghost couch flinged [sic] me. I jumped on the couch so I'd be flinged. I remembered that once there was an exclamation mark on a brown-like holder thing and when I pressed A, it squished me. That's how I knew anything that's brown or orange should be ghostified.

Mom: What kind of gamer would like playing this game?

Son: Probably people who like Mario. And people who like playing old games from the past. Also, there's this one creature in a desert - if you whack him with your hammer or bonk him with Kooper's shell, he'll leave behind a Whacka's Bump. It heals you 25 flower power and health points.

Mom: Thank you for talking with me and sharing your knowledge.

Son: It's my pleasure to be here.

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