Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Final Moshi Fanzine

Some searching near the art portfolios uncovered the missing Moshi Fandom magazines, so I'm able to post a couple of articles from this issue.
Yoohoo minna! (Minna is friend in Japanese.) Luna Luvli here! I can't believe we're already on our 3rd issue in just 3 days! I'd like to thank you all for following us for so long! Anyway, most of this issue will be about our good friend Nelly, the newest six-month Moshi member in Monstro City. WE will have lots of interviews, lots of member-related games, and lots of rox! (Oh wait. Only Nelly can do that. Tee hee, oh I'm so jealous!) Anyway, please enjoy the newest edition of Moshi Fandom.
Luna Luvli

[marked as an ad at the top of the page]
Nelly's 101 Reasons to be a Moshi Member!
1. It's fun!
2. You can get more moshlings.
3. You can get more rox.
4. You can visit the underground disco.
5. You can buy rare items.
6. You can send gifts to friends.
7. You can get over 1000 friends and 11 best friends.
8. You can colour your monster at colourama!
9. You can become a super moshi.
The other 92 reasons couldn't fit on this paper. But still, please become a member!

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