Sunday, March 17, 2013

RPGing Returns

For the last day of March Break, we drove out to some friends in the west end of the city to visit and to do some good old fashioned role playing. The game in question was Marvel Superheroes. There were five of us playing, not counting the game master. My daughter and I created characters with the help of our friend MP (the GM). The others had played together previously so they used their campaign characters. I was tempted to return to a previous character I had played in another superhero RPG, but instead I chose to go with a new concept.

The character I'm playing (yes, you can run away screaming at this point if you hate hearing people talk about their game characters) is a 14 year old with the powers of immortality and affliction. She has the ability of removing diseases from one person and transferring them to another. Her primary motivation is vengeance. Her back story is that she was an apprentice to a healer in medieval Europe with unique skills she could apply via touch. She was prevented by applying these skills to her dying mother by the main authority of the town/village where she lived. Her mother died and in her grief, she transferred the pox (or unspecified disease) to the leader. He in turn cursed her to outlive all those that she cared about. I can't recall all her stats (as MP kept my character sheet). She's a bit dark with a hint of villainy but it gives me a chance to explore my own hangups about death as well as play a very interesting character.

Our first adventure as a group of five involved a fairy bounty hunter trying to seize a garage owner (who happens to be an ogre in disguise). It was a lot of fun, especially for my daughter. This game uses cards instead of dice and it made combat quick and unpredictable. We hope to play again, although it is tricky to organize everyone's schedules. Wish us luck (or at least a favourable dice roll / card draw).

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