Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Having Mom on your Mario Kart team

It's March Break so there has been much gaming going on in the house. We decided a couple of days ago to play 4-person Mario Kart. We wanted to start off with playing in 2 vs 2 teams, but there was a slight problem - who would take Mom on their team? Dad, daughter and son are pretty solid players; they almost always win the top three spots when they play together. Mom, on the other hand, and to put it mildly, stinks. I never finish the Rainbow Road track and I often bang into walls while driving, leaving me near the bottom in the rankings. Dad took pity on Mom and so we had our groups. I was a bit worried that I'd mess things up for my team because my reputation as a poor player is well-earned. Well, guess what? We won! I actually came in 4th for one of the tracks and avoided coming in 12th for another round and the parents beat the kids by 10 points. It must have been a happy fluke because we played 2 more games together (everyone for themselves and everyone on the same team) and I came in last both times, failing to earn a single point for the final group team.

Other popular games this March Break among the kids have been Skylanders, Paper Mario, Minecraft, and Adventure Time. I bought Just Dance Kids 2 - more my speed - but I'll savour my unusual victory in Mario Kart for the rest of the vacation.

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