Monday, March 11, 2013

3 Generations Play

My parents came over for a belated birthday visit for me and after some monkeying around between my son and my father, the boy brought down his Nerf swords for one of our battle games.

Way back in 2011, I wrote a blog post that you can see here about our Nerf sword game rules.
Now that we had a new player in our midst, we had to explain how the game was to proceed.
It was kind of neat to have three generations playing our invented game together.
I noticed a few interesting things.

1) My dad cheated.
One of the key rules is that if you are hit in the torso, you automatically die. I hit my father with the sword in the side and he refused to die. He claimed that it was just a flesh wound and that he would be able to carry on. Yeah, right Pop Pop!

2) My dad needed a refresher on action movie classic fight lines.
When we told my dad that he needed to utter a catch phrase before we entered into battle, his sentence was "I will cut off your legs and throw you straight into hell." I don't remember that being in any of the movies I've seen.

3) Sometimes it's cool to change the rules depending on the players.
We learned pretty quickly that my dad was not going to play by the "house rules" so we had to adapt, and adapt quickly. Grabbing the sword blade and pretending to give body shots were now allowable maneuvers. My husband got into the fray by bringing down the Nerf guns and acting as a sniper, attacking anyone in his path. This was no longer the medieval version of battle with its decorum and pomp; this was guerrilla warfare - messy and wild and unpredictable. And fun.

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