Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maplestory Update

Welcome the girl as today's guest blogger, to give an update on the family's recent obsession with Maplestory.

Maplestory is an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) that takes place in the fantasy realm of Mapleworld. Though, it's a bit different than normal fantasy games, where everything is still very medieval. Maplestory is a bit like a cross between the modern day world mixed in with that Middle Earth type setting. So, you can have a shopping mall right next to a huge castle.
Anyway, in the game, you play a normal (if not slightly chibi-fied) person who is on a quest to stop the Black Mage, an evil magician and the main antagonist. But to do this you need to become an adventurer. This means that you need to level your character up to tenth level and learn new attacks by choosing a job path.
There are many types of jobs to choose from. There are the normal ones, which are Warrior, Wizard, Archer, Thief and Pirate. But our prefered types of classes are the special variations. These are only available during certain events and are a bit more powerful than normal occupations are.
For example, my favourite class is called Mercedes. For this character, you play an elf princess who wields two magical crossbows. Still, when it comes down to it, she's really only an upgraded archer.
One thing these classes have that the others don't is a more in-depth storyline, where who you are matters more than what you can do. This is why I have a vast number of characters who I'm still working on leveling.
To date, my cast of characters includes my Angelic Buster (a type of pirate, exclusive to female players), Mercedes, Thief, Wild Hunter (an archer who rides a giant cat), Dual Blade (a thief with two swords), Jett (a pirate from outer space), Blaze Wizard (a wizard specializing in fire) and Aran (a warrior with an axe).
As for Peter, his prefered class is called the Demon Slayer, who uses blunt weapons like maces and dark spells to attack. He also enjoys playing the Kaiser job, where you fight with a flaming sword.
All the characters are quirky and unique and really fun to play!
One skill required to play this game is strategy. As you level up, your character gets "Skill Points" to spend on different stats. There are five stats that you can increase: your Strength, Intellegence, Dexterity, Luck and Health. There are skills that are more important to some classes than others. But you need to keep this in mind when you distribute the points, otherwise you may end up with a weak character.
Another important thing for the player to have is determination. A lot of the enemies in Maplestory, though odd looking, are difficult to beat. So, you need to be able to perservere and continue to try if you want to suceed.
Lastly, you also need to be fairly quick at pressing buttons if you don't want to get killed. Maybe this is why Peter's characters are higher level than mine...
Overall, Maplestory is a really enjoyable game and we're having a blast with it.

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