Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No biblical scholars here - just creative workers

I seriously need to get back into the habit of writing my journal (either on this blog or on the GamingEdus wiki/website) after we play Minecraft. On Thanksgiving Monday, we had a full house and Terragrim decided she wanted to explore some remote areas of the world. We used the special "map from space" link on our wiki to locate some unknown regions and travel there. She found our first naturally occurring Egyptian building! Phisagrim, being the great protector of historic sites, promptly set a huge swath of TNT very close the building and blew a crater in the earth nearby.

The pyramid was safe but the left side was flooded. Then Phisagrim decided to make a racetrack leading from the pyramid - remind me not to let this player anywhere near Gisa, okay? Since this new landscape was already altered, I chose to recreate the biblical plagues of Egypt. Well, it took several guesses and some research to learn that there are not 7 and not 12 but 10 plagues that befall Egypt in the story of Exodus. We need to brush up a bit on our knowledge of the Old Testament. What I really enjoyed was trying to figure out how to depict the plagues using our relatively mod-less world on Gaming Edus.

1st Plague: River turns to blood (or lava) Ex.7:19
Phisagrim installed a dispenser for our frog/slime plague (Ex.8:4)
I think I've mentioned on this blog (or was it on Twitter) that my son knew about the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the story of Abraham and Isaac from video games (such as The Binding of Isaac). I was totally shocked earlier that play session when he entered Technascribe's medieval village church, approached the altar, and began to recite some prayers we hear during Mass on Sundays. Just before you get any notions that he got too into it, he then built a fence around the altar (and I told him Vatican 2 had eliminated the use of altar rails) and he popped a village priest inside.

Here he is: Pope Innocent the 13th saying Mass!
A bit of the gospel, a bit of the closing rite - and we answer!
 If I'm not too tired out, I'll try to write about my return to Webkinz so I can learn how to chill!

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