Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How do you act when no one watches?

One of the younger players on our GamingEdus Minecraft server created a server of his own. Phisagrim once ditched me because W's server was up and he was on. W has kindly offered membership to all the Grims on his server and it's pretty epic. A few nights ago, while the GamingEdus founders were planning for a workshop via Google +, we decided to visit W's server. He has a lot of members, amassed from all over the place, and there were maybe about four other teens playing when we popped in. One of our founders was concerned that our presence was negatively affecting the natural play environment - because Will knows that we are a) adults and b) teachers. However, I was really impressed with W's comment, so much that I took a screen shot of it.

Of course, not everyone was happy with a mixed-group on Minecraft. Look at the last screen shot I took.

It just makes me wonder, with all the stuff in the news about cyber-bullying, how things might be different if adults (and not just the trolls) wandered the spaces where youth go online, and what if those same youth internalized W's sentiment?

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