Sunday, October 21, 2012

Carcassonne in photos

Yesterday, we had two good family friends come over. We didn't have enough time to play Risk Legacy so instead we played three games of Telestrations - the most amusing drawing was supposed to be wrinkles, which morphed into chest hair, which turned into bacteria. We also had the chance to play a new game that we owned but had never opened before: Carcassonne.

Carcassonne is tile game where players build and try to strategically claim roads, monasteries, towns and castles. Since my husband doesn't like to play [insulting adjective] European games, it was just the remaining three adults that participated. I decided to document the growing map of tiles through photographs.

This was the first photo taken. I'm green, DH was blue and DM was red.

Here it is, increasing in size. I was able to claim that town in the middle early on in the game.

You can see more roads spreading around as the game progressed.

In the upper left corner, you can see a battle brewing between DH and DM over a large city with castles.

I skipped a couple of other photos to show this one. I was able to share that big land mass with DM by finishing it and putting enough men in the area.

The map grew and grew but it began to get tricky with fewer tiles left around. DH had many of her meeples (a new word I learned and used from playing this game) tied up in monasteries in the middle.

I skipped a couple more photos (I took a lot for some reason) and this was one of the last photos I took. I began building another city next to the hotly contested one in the upper left corner of the board (from my perspective). I couldn't finish it but I earned enough points to win the game.

This is what the scoreboard looks like. In the end, it was relatively close. I had 50 points. DH's monastery strategy pulled her ahead of DM in the end but not enough to catch me.

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