Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview with a fanzine editor

My daughter has created a Moshi Monsters fanzine called Moshi Fandom. I interviewed her for this blog post. Her name in the magazine is Luna Luvli, so I refer to her by it in the interview. Thanks to my girl for consenting to this chat.

Interviewer: What inspired you to create Moshi Fandom magazine?

Luna Luvli: What really inspired me to do it was Moshi Monsters has an official magazine. I wanted to be like that but from the perspective of the player rather than the company.

I: Tell me about some of the features in your magazine.

LL: Each magazine has a games section, like for crosswords and things like that, as well as a section on the Moshi Monsters star parodies. We also have a little section on the creators of the magazine and what we are like online. We also sometimes have little ads for online things to encourage non-players to enjoy the game.

I: Who is on your production team? What do they do?

LL: Our production team includes (this is just their user names) Nelly, Madelyn, Lexi, Jessica, and Strawberry, as well as Diamond (played by my brother). They mostly help me with the ideas for the magazine, what we're going to put in it. They also help with the colouring in most of the magazine.

I: How do you distribute/share the magazine? Who likes to read it?

LL: I show the magazine to my classmates by bringing it to school every day every time I make a new issue. I mostly show it to the people in my class that have accounts but I also show it to people who just like my drawings.

I: What's been the reaction to your magazine by your teacher and other adults?

LL: I've only showed it to my teacher. No other adults have really seen it. Ms. L said she really liked it because we are all working together to create this. Dad's friend also said he liked it because I was getting better at my drawing for it.

I: How many issues do you plan to create? What's the future of this and/or your other magazines?

LL: I'm not actually sure how many issues I'm going to make. I'm just going with how many topics I can cover without boring people. I haven't actually thought about the future but I'll get back to you on that.

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