Monday, June 27, 2011

Cover shots - Moshi Fandom

This is the first issue of Moshi Fandom. With permission from the editor, I am reproducing two excerpts, the acknowledgements/introduction and the Monster Central Monster of the Week feature.

Acknowledgements and Introduction

Hey everyone! Luna Luvli here! I'd just like to thank everyone for reading the first ever edition of Moshi Fandom. I'd also like to thank a few others. Firstly, my co-workers at M.F., you rock! Nextly, my little brother, aka MrMoshiMan2002, thanks for always believing in me. Third of all, to all the other Moshi Monsters fans in Ms. L's 4/5 class at ST. F school and to sk8tergirl and chy, my online pals. Thanks for just being with me through all this. Lastly, Ms. L for encouraging me to do this. Thank you! Anway, I hop you enjoy this issue and the issues to come. Thanks again!
Luna Luvli

Monster Central
The Monster of the Week is Poppet!

Poppets are one of the shyest monsters in Monstro City. The average poppet is pink with blue eyes and blue boots. They tend to be mostly played by girls and are the second most popular monsters in the game. Poppets are sweet, cuddly, and cute most of the time but will often cry if neglected. On Sludge Street, you can buy clothes for them at Poppet's Closet. Poppets can fit into almost any monster's clothes if they are re sized. The only monsters whose clothes Poppets can't wear are Luvlies and Diavlos. Poppets are also very loyal and trusting. Three very famous Poppets are the Pussycat Poppets, the biggest monsters in Monstro City.

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