Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hear the enthusiasm! (Mario & Luigi, Partners in Time)

My son recently got a new game that's actually quite old: "Mario and Luigi Partners in Time" for Nintendo DS. He watched videos about the game on YouTube and convinced his father that it would be a good purchase. Because it's no longer widely circulated, my husband had to hunt online to find a store that carried it, and one of the EB Games stores in our city happened to have a copy. That night, just before I tucked my son in to bed, he asked, "Can I tell you a little bit about my game?" I agreed, but I decided to tape him describing his new game. Good thing I did! Here's the clip:

He talked, non-stop, for 11 minutes! He only ended because I was worried that the podcasting might not save. Another really neat thing was how, once I put the headphones and microphone on him, he recited this little checklist he learned from school (paraphrased) - "deep breaths, stand straight, be loud and clear" - he told me that's how the students in his class prepare for public speaking!

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