Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Max Magellan Covers and Pivotal RPG moments

Sometimes, certain adventures really help a "party" gel together. We've been playing this particular RPG with our friends for over a year, and the last two "episodes" have been particularly memorable. In Issue #15, traditional alliances were tested, characters spoke up in ways they hadn't before, and the characters (originally a rag-tag bunch) worked together cohesively. In Issue #16, one of our friends who has not been around for a while returned to play with us. We were curious as to how our GM would bring Ogre back, but he did it with a bang and we had a great time. To celebrate, here are four of the most current comic covers, as created by our talented daughter. You know they'll be memorable when discussing the subtitles results in ten minutes of laughing-until-we-cried.

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